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My designs are on the edge of art and function, which makes that a dialogue arises, this making sexual taboos discussable. The normalization of ordinary sex toys in my opinion, contributes to the breaking of taboos around sexuality. Shining a light on the dark sides of sex challenges people to make bedroom secrets discussable. The aesthetic design contributes to the normalization of the toy itself. It is not only the freak who ventures into this,but also our everyday neighbours who exhibit this toy in their livingroom as a piece of art, a statement or a lust object.



“La grande dame”, A hand made vibrator, excels in his beauty and elegance. The high quality used materials like marble and Difrent types of wood gives you the feeling of luxury and pleasure in an elegant and stylish way. This toy charges wireless and its app gives you the opportunity to put your own preferences. Each one is unique with his own shape and therefor his own vibration. All the material are recycled, natural and sustainable. The perfect toy for a consciously classy and sensual adult.



The sextoy market for women is pretty saturated. Many of these toys are much alike in colour, presentation and form, but not at all aesthetic and stylish. And that is where I want to take you from here. In this market the first steps have been taken with regard to durability and elegance. I want to step further by combining sustainable materials with authentic design which gives us a feeling of quality, elegance and at first sight not yet another trivial sextoy. Also this toy can proudly be exhibited. The vibrator is a construction of mouth-blown glass in a cloche form in which a brass clockwork is integrated. Winding this by hand will make the cloche vibrate. Beauty and style combined,leading to ultimate satisfaction!



The marble will get warm if you use it, the silicone hole, available in different sizes, feels soft and tight and will give a perfect climax. Particularly suitable to place in your living room, but no doubt satisfying when it comes to sexual needs. As an answer to the satyr, metamorfosis is the real peace of art in the collection of studio cremaster. Where the satyr could still remind you of a body, the metamorfosis is the ultimate abstract sextoy for a man. The elegant and abstract shape and the exclusive marble creates a beautiful and mysterious object.



How will design connect the mysteriously of BDSM?  The chair itself is inspired on the Rietveld model, but adapted to its functionality in BDSM terms. Once again this is a beautiful, exciting and intrguering object meant to be used sexually, but also as a showpiece, triggering discussion about lust and excitement. The eye catching design together with construction materials like solid agonized aluminum, and superior quality leather, guarantee optimum comfort and luxury. In this new Bastiaan Buijs design he once again shines a light on yet another taboo in our sexuality: Sado Masochism. Bastiaan puts a spotlight on this subculture with this chair, based on, and inspired by the world famous Rietveld design. It is not only the taboo on BDSM Bastiaan questions, but also the apparent boycott of sexuality in design. Ready for use and, also because of the famous Rietveld angle in the seat, EXTREMLY wel fitted for BDSM pleasure.



For this project I found my inspiration in gym “the buck”. As this device is most common in schools and athletic tracks, people are very familiar with its form and function. I gave the design a more abstract form and changed its function from a gym into a sexobject for men. It has organic forms and hole meant for the man to put his penis in. The vibrations, height and roundings result in an intensely stimulating physical experience. As where mainly for the hetero man, it is still a taboo to use sex toys, it is widely accepted for women. The design aims at the man’s lust. I try to covert the image of a pitiful guy with his blow-up doll into a man who stands for his lust and passion, which may be accepted just as his hunger or thirst and lived up on his visible toy.