Studio Cremaster

This is Bastiaan Buijs

Bastiaan Buijs, born August 23, 1984 ‘s Heerenberg, Netherlands.

Taboos and the shadow sides of our society have always fascinated me. In 2015 I graduated (Cum Laude) from Design Academy Eindhoven. During my years of study my interests more and more focused on themes and subjects seen as taboo: sex, fetishism, unknown hidden subcultures and finally sex toys. Why make such a fuss about these subjects? My artist mother’s muse is the vagina and I grew up between her creations and paintings, which surely have inspired me. Through my designs I hope to make people understand the normality and beauty of subjects generally considered taboo.

My creations merge on the edge of design and art, which is also a theme that keeps calling for discussion and makes my mission so interesting. It will never be boring. The comments on my work, from people or the media, are sometimes extreme and strikingly shameless. In fact, this is what my designs call for. It fascinates me that our so-called tolerant society appears to be very prudish. It is great fun to see the startled responses of surprise when people visit my expositions.

Beauty is a must in my work, it is meant to open minds and I hope it is appreciated out of a dark and dirty context.

It is supposed to be beautiful, nice, exciting, lust arousing and enjoyable…..

Don’t I make every one happy this way?

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