Studio Cremaster


For this project I found my inspiration in gym “the buck”. As this device is most common in schools and athletic tracks, people are very familiar with its form and function. I gave the design a more abstract form and changed its function from a gym into a sexobject for men. It has organic forms and hole meant for the man to put his penis in. The vibrations, height and roundings result in an intensely stimulating physical experience. As where mainly for the hetero man, it is still a taboo to use sex toys, it is widely accepted for women. The design aims at the man’s lust. I try to covert the image of a pitiful guy with his blow-up doll into a man who stands for his lust and passion, which may be accepted just as his hunger or thirst and lived up on his visible toy.

BastiaanBuijs_Cremaster_COMM_CUM_2015_©MH kopie.jpg
bastiaan buijs-2.jpg
BastiaanBuijs_Cremaster_COMM_CUM_2015_©MH kopie.jpg
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